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Hello everyone.

This is my first post so I guess I should probably explain why I’ve created this blog.

As you’ve probably seen in the “about imafatbird” I have been struggling with my weight for a while and I have been trying to maintain a healthy weight for years. As with most people I can lose some weight but I always put it (and some!!) back on once the “diet” stops. I go to the gym once or twice a week but after a general health check and bollocking from the doctor about losing weight I decided it was time to do something permanent. 

I did talk to my GP about getting a gastric balloon but I am unable to get it on the NHS so they advised me to go private. My issue with my weight is that I eat too much and I snack a lot (work is the worst – I have the snack table literally behind my desk) and my GP thought that a gastric balloon would help to teach me to eat smaller portions and stop snaking and so help me to keep the weight off after it’s removed which is also why I am getting the year long balloon instead of the 6 months. 

I’ve been looking into gastric balloons for a few weeks/months and although there are a few forums out there they are few and far between and there isn’t a lot of information from people that have actually gone through this so hopefully this is where I come in. 

It is super expensive to get this done in the UK (like £4500 plus!) so I am having the procedure done in Prague for £2000 (not inc flights) on 19th June 2017. The surgery has really good reviews online and the support package during and after your gastric balloon seems really good so hopefully they can continue to help me after the weight has been lost so I don’t pile it all back on. 

Sorry about the book for my first post, hopefully the next ones will be shorter. 

Until next time post! 🙂



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