Research into gastric balloons

I realised that I hadn’t actually mentioned any research etc… I did before deciding to go ahead with getting a gastric balloon (and forking out over £2000 for it!!) 

After my doctor suggested it I went away and googled and googled (and even binged it) to find out more. As I mentioned before there doesn’t seem to be much information out there from actual patients especially what’s happened after the balloon has been removed so I’ve put together some links I found useful in making my decision. 

There are some forums with patient experiences, a couple of journal articles and some information from the FDA. It’s mostly information on gastric balloons in general but I did try to hone in on the Spatz3 balloon as this is the one I chose. 

Anyway, I hope these help and save you some time:


Oh yeah, I should mention that I am a bit of a pessimist so I was searching for side effects and warnings to see whether the potential risk/benefit was worth it



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