Balloon fitting time!

It was fitted yesterday and so far so good. I can definitely feel it (especially when I’m lying down) and I feel full.

No nausea or sickness either but I’ve been on continuous IV drips since it was fitted yesterday and I think these contain some anti sickness meds.

So when I got here I was shown to my little room with private bathroom (pics below) and blood pressure, blood samples and urine samples were taken along with a cannula fitted.

I then had to wait about 3 hours till the results came through. I basically slept and someone came in to explain exactly what was going to happen and answer any questions.

Got lead down the hall wearing the sexy hospital gown (yes, my bottom was showing) till I got to the procedure room. I then had to change into a hideous see through orange gown. I was given a weird power to swallow and then had local numbing spray in my mouth and back of the throat. They also gave me some sedation medication through the cannula and gas and air. I wasn’t asleep (I wasn’t supposed to be) but I was out of it.

I was laid on my side and they began to feed the tube down my throat. To begin with it was fine but I remember gagging and it did hurt. It was horrible. I’m not sure how long it took but it was one of the worse things I’ve ever experienced.

They then put me back in the hospital gown (bum still on show) and walked me back to my room. I was with it enough to txt my mum that I was fine then fell asleep.

As I mentioned before I’ve been on IV drips all night and occasionally a nurse came in to change them or check on me.

This morning I’ve had a yogurt and cup of tea both of which I ate very slowly and regularly had to stop for a while as I got really full. I hope this continues!



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