Medications to use

As I left I was given a printed version of exactly what happened to me, a bag full of medications and instructions on how many to take and when. It also included a starter meal plan and confirmed that the UK based agency would contact me with up to date meal plans and to offer advice/information as needed. For the first 14 days I can only have liquids and soft food (yoghurts, smoothies, soup, Huel etc…) then I’ll get an update from a dietician on what to progress on to.

I got the Spatz3 1 year balloon fitted and it was filled with 650ml of saline. It can go up to 800ml if required but they wanted me to start at 650ml to limit the nausea and sickness to begin with which seems to have worked. 

Before the balloon was fitted they checked out my GI tract with a camera. All was well except I have a hiatal hernia and esophagitis which basically means that I get heartburn (I do but not that often or that bad) and so they’ve had to give me some additional meds to handle this while I have the balloon. 

As I mentioned before, the actual fitting of the balloon was pretty horrible, it hurt and I was gagging but I think that was more towards the end of the procedure and now I can barely remember it (although I remember enough to not want to go and get the balloon volume changed throughout the year). 

I have been given the following medication:

  • Omeprazole tablets 20mg – twice daily (for the whole year due to the hiatal hernia and esophagitis)
  • Asketon tablets 50mg – 2/3 times a day, 20 mins before the main meal (about 2 months worth – 200 tablets)
  • Anacid (Gaviscon) liquid – 3/4 time daily as/if needed (for the whole year for heartburn)
  • Torecan 6.5mg suppositories – 2/3 daily as/if needed (in case I get severe sickness and can’t keep anything down)
  • Algifen drops – 20/25 drops as/if needed (for pain but apparently they taste rank so should be added to something like tea if needed)

So far I haven’t needed either the Torecan or the Algifen and to be honest I think I’ve been really lucky. I feel constantly full and when I’ve been eating it’s taken me a long time to finish. For example, today I had a 150g yoghurt for my breakfast and it took me over 45 mins to eat it just because I was feeling so full and drinking a lot of water as recommended.

I can’t feel the balloon if I’m standing or sitting although I do feel full all the time and so far I have had no nausea or sickness. If I lay down I can feel it but it doesn’t hurt it just feels uncomfortable and weird and I can’t sleep on my front anymore and keep having to change positions as it gets uncomfortable if I’m in one position for a long time. I did get quite bad heartburn last night so had to take a Gaviscon as I went to bed and then again at about 4am but that’s it. 

Weirdly, I haven’t really felt “hungry” today either. At least I did feel peckish but at no point did I feel really hungry or want to eat a lot and once I’d had a yoghurt or a quarter of a bottle of Huel (about 150-200mls) I was totally full.

I was working from home today but I think I’m going to go into the office tomorrow if I feel as normal as I do now and I’ll see how that goes. 





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