Gym workout recommendations

Today I had a personal trainer session at the gym where I am a member. Before the balloon when I went to the gym I’d do a bit on the treadmill, bike and rowing machines (very rarely I went on the cross fit too but I don’t really like that).

I mentioned that last week I had a gastric balloon fitted, that at the minute I was on a liquid food only diet so was consuming limited calories (averaging less than 700 a day) and that I wanted help to get fitter but mostly I was interested in toning because I don’t want to lose a lot of weight and be left with loads of wrinkly loose skin.

He printed me off a plan and we spent the next 30 mins going through the equipment trying out what weights were best for me and generally giving me tips on form. After that session I then went off and carried on with my plan on my own. I’m supposed to do three lots of this – I just managed 2.

Gotta start somewhere though so I’m going to go to the gym 3 times a week and work through the plan and build up so I can do 3 lots and then I’m going to book another session to see how I can improve.

PS. I’m bloody knackered, weird parts of my body are aching and I think my new “sports bra” is actually a medieval torture device!!



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