What I’m eating

Just a quick update on what I am eating. I am still on liquid food only and will be for the next 3 days as recommended by the surgery and then I can start to have semi-solids for a week before slowly weaning myself onto more solid foods. 

This means that at the moment I am averaging under 700kcals a day purely because I can’t take any more liquids as I get full really quickly. This is good from a weight loss perspective but I’m glad that I’m including Huel in with my meals otherwise I’d be concerned that I was going to become malnourished as I’d be missing out on essential vitamins, minerals and food groups like proteins, fibre etc… 

I am logging the food I eat on a daily basis on an app called myfitnesspal which I have also synced to my Fitbit Surge so I can make sure I am being more active and it’s easy to track. I’ve given a screenshot of the food diary for one of the days logged on myfitnesspal. I really recommend this app because you can also get a personalised weight loss ticker to help you visualise how close you are to your goal or how much weight you’ve lost already. I have added mine to the weight loss tracker page of my blog  if you wanna look.





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