Solid food update

Since last Friday I have slowly been adding more solid foods to my diet as recommended. At the moment everything is fine, the only issue is that sometimes if I eat something as quickly as I used too I do feel a little sick for a while afterwards but nothing too bad and haven’t actually been sick. 

I’ve bought some slimfast replacement meal bars to take to work for the time being and they are surprisingly good! I really recommend them as they’re filling, low calories (217) and pretty healthy plus they do a chocolate one so if you fancy something sweet you’re sorted. 

I’m still logging all my food on myfitness pal and I tend to have several small meal/snacks throughout the day which isn’t something that I used to do but feels good for me to do now. Since introducing more solids I have gone from about 600 calories a day to 750ish and so feel better for this and I can do more at the gym where I’m going 3 times a week. 

All in all it’s going well – YAY!



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