About imafatbird

I am a 31 year old women and after years of trying to maintain a healthy weight I have decided to get a gastric balloon fitted for a year to try and lose weight and teach myself to eat healthily and wanted to share my experience with others in the same boat / considering the same options. 

I recently realised that my main problem with keeping my weight down was not that I ate unhealthily or that I was lazy but was because I ate larger portions than I should and if I was enjoying a meal but felt full I would continue to eat till I’d finished it because I was enjoying the food so much. I also tend to snack a lot while I’m at work which is not helped by the fact that all the snacks a are literally behind my within arm’s reach so I can just swivel round in my chair and get goodies (I don’t even have to get out my chair!) When I feel stressed/upset (which is not often I will admit) I tend to comfort eat as well. 

I thought I’d create this blog to detail what happens to me before, during and after the gastric balloon to try and help people if possible. I will be honest and frank and will aim to update this blog at least weekly if not more often. 



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